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About Us

Hakim The Herbal Shop is a brand that is popular in the niche of Herbal Ayurvedic Products. The company is there in the business for over 100 years and we are based out if Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Our ancestors started the business by ensuring that each product that we offer for skin and hair care can provide the best results. We are renowned Herbal Beauty Products Manufacturers and Wholesale Suppliers in Delhi. We are very much committed for bringing the best effect of henna to masses. The henna manufacturing and the production of related hair products is one of the key areas of our business. Our expertise and experience in the area make as pioneers in the niche.

Production Unit

We have a well-equipped production unit that has got all the machinery which is meant for research and development. We provide much safer and trustworthy products as we have a research and development unit who focuses on the production of each product with the right testing. Our company has invested well in a production unit for bulk and quality manufacturing to satisfy the increasing demand for our products.

Quality and Customer Responses

Customer satisfaction is our key focus for which we ensure that the products that we manufacture and supply meet the higher stands with respect to quality. The quality of our products have helped us in creating a huge customer base. The warm welcome and the immense positive responses from our customers encouraged us to come up with more products in the health and skin care. We believe that our success is due to the best quality we maintain.

Major Focus of Our Formulations

The major aspect related with our formulations is that we treat the root cause of the issue. Shobit Arora who is the owner of the company lead us in the right track with the experts working with us. Our works are not to treat the symptoms but to uproot the causes of the issues that are disturbing you. If you try our products then it is possible to get rid of the issues forever and without any side effects.